Another Level of submission

Mistress has decided that my status should move to another level of submission.  I am now required to request punishment on a regular basis and as Mistress judges that I have not done so enough I am to be disciplined each day this week along with longer time spent in my chastity device.  Mistress has been giving me more and stricter orders of late.

Day 1 – I had my first taste of this week’s discipline regime last night.  I got on my knees by the side of Mistress’ bed in the morning and asked to be punished.  Mistress said I must wait and she was not going to give me the luxury of going over her knee in bed.  At 9.00pm Mistress told me that I could spunk for her and then be punished.  I stripped naked and stood before her then masturbated and spunked at her ‘cum now’ instruction.  I caught my cum in my hand and ate it, a drop escaped and fell to the floor and I’m sure I got a little more punishment because of this.  I was required to bend over and place my hand on a padded foot stand with by bottom presented for discipline.  Mistress then gave me a very good belting with her punishment strap making sure she covered all of my bottom and the tops of my thighs.  As she did this she told me that my punishments would get harder each day this week and that I will end the week with a very sore bottom indeed.

Day 2/3 and 4 have been very busy and no discipline was administered.  This is my fault as despite all that has been happening it was my duty to kneel before Mistress and ask to be punished.  I have not done so and so will ask each day over the weekend.  This is a bad mistake on my part not least because next Tuesday I have a meeting with a dominant who will thrash me soundly and now I will be beginning that encounter with a sore bottom.

Day 5  I spent the day in chastity while Mistress was at work.  I vacuumed the house thoroughly and asked for punishment when Mistress returned home from work in the evening.  I got a hard strapping bent over the dining room table before we went out. 

Day 6 I knelt in front of Mistress and asked for punishment in the morning.  Punishment was delivered at bedtime when I was instructed to prepare myself for bed and kneel naked at Mistresses side of the bed and wait for her.  About 20 minutes later she arrived, got into bed and told me to stand up and masturbate.  As I did so she said I was to receive a hard over the knee paddling.  I spunked when ordered to and was given a very hard long spanking with mistresses leather paddle.  I was kept awake by my sore bruised bottom during the night.

Day 7 Again sent to bed before my Mistress and told to wait naked by the side of the bed, again about 20 minutes elapsed before Mistress arrived and got into bed. I was prompted to ask for punishment and then ordered to worship Mistress with my tongue until she orgasmed.  Then Mistress spanked me again with her paddle, I was still sore from the previous punishments and really struggled to take it.  Mistress required me to put on my chastity cage and wear it all night.

Day 8 No punishment today but my sore bruised bottom kept me awake.  My regular dominant male visitor arrived at 10.00am and spent much of the next two hours thrashing my bottom, making me howl on several occasions.

I am in no doubt that Mistresses control over me has entered a new level.  This is my bottom one hour after my final beating today.