Worshipping my Mistresses pussy is a wonderful act of submission.  She has generously allowed me to take these pictures of her for this blog. My senses are taken over by the feel of her on my tongue and face, the smell of her, the taste of her.  Since the act of worship must achieve great pleasure for Mistress culminating in an orgasm for her it can only be done with great care and attention.  It involves getting to know Mistresses pussy in minute detail and learning how to please it correctly in order to maximise her pleasure.  My Mistress has long pussy lips and she keeps her pussy completely natural, it is covered in luxuriant hair.  This retains her odour wonderfully.  There are different circumstances in which I will worship Mistress and they call for a different approach to the privilege.  

Mistress likes me to begin worshipping her in the early morning starting when she is asleep. In this case I begin by kissing her thighs until she awakes, opens her legs and lets me in.  She will often be dry in this circumstance her lips hidden deep in her pussy hair.  I gently tease with my tongue probing slowly and patiently until her lips begin to grow and my tongue after a while touches naked flesh, usually eliciting a small gasp.  Her lips will engorge as I carefully work on them, her clit will become prominent and ready for my tongue on it, she will moisten and I will be able to explore her hole.  I gradually move my mouth and tongue over all of these places as her excitement builds which I can judge from her movement and breathing.  I will cover every millimetre of her lips up and down, I will coax her clitty between my lips sucking gently on it not wishing to bring her to orgasm too quickly, which she does not like.  As her orgasm approaches her hole will be wet and open and I will insert my tongue into it savouring her juices as I do.  All the time her wonderful aroma surrounds and engulfs me as she builds to climax.  When this happens she will buck, her muscles will spasm, she will cry out and sometimes she will squirt into my mouth, which I gratefully swallow.  My face will usually be pressed into her hot hairy cunt at this point usually my tongue stretching as far inside her as I can get it.  Mistress has given me some instruction in particular about working on her clit.  It is clearly important to understand exactly what your Mistress wants.

If on the other hand I am instructed to worship Mistress she is often already wet and then I lick her juices from her lips and in turns work on her clitty, lips and hole until she cums.  This has happened occasionally after she has punished me but usually in bed at night.

I once got to worship Mistress when she was sitting on our sofa with me kneeling on the floor and her with legs spread. I loved this position.  Sometimes she has sat on the bed and layed back with legs apart and I have knelt by the bedside to bury my face in her big hairy bush, a good obedient worshipping sissy husband.  Occasionally I also get I get to worship Mistresses arse hole, this is a real treat as I love doing it.

Mistress is also aware that I love to worship her when she is unshowered, preferably hot and sweaty.  I have sometimes been required to worship Mistress when she has returned from a busy day at work, her glorious pussy unwashed and it being my task to clean it with my tongue.  Liking this may seem odd to some but the strong taste and odour are powerful signs of my submission, I love it.
Usually once Mistress has cum she is finished with me.  If in bed she will turn over and go to sleep, I am almost never allowed to cum myself even though licking Mistress always makes me horny.  Occasionally Mistress has masturbated herself to a second orgasm and I have been allowed masturbate beside her with the taste of her fresh in my mouth – a rare treat!